Term Loans

A. General Term Loans

The BDIC lends to viable businesses that are unable to obtain financing elsewhere.

If your business requires customized or non-standard repayment terms, the BDIC can customize the prepayment schedule to meet your needs.

The BDIC offers a choice of fixed or variable interest rates.  The rates are based on the credit risk involved.  Fixed rates are quoted as a fixed percentage but variable rates are quoted as ‘Prime + 2%, 3% or 4%’.  Variable rate loans can be converted to a fixed rate at anytime you choose; however, fixed rate loans may only be converted to a variable rate on the renewal date.

B. Specialty Term Loans


If your business is located in a community with no all-season road access, you can apply for Winter/Summer Re-supply Financing, which is a short-term loan that will allow you to take advantage of the most cost-effective way to re-supply your inventory (by winter road or summer barge). Winter/Summer Re-supply Loans are repayable within one year.


If you are an artist, craft-maker or harvester and need to buy supplies so you can make or harvest products to sell, the BDIC can provide you with a loan up to a maximum of $25,000 to finance the purchase of your supplies. Seasonal Production Loans are repayable within one year.

For more information on the BDIC’s financial programs, please contact your regional Industry, Tourism and Investment office at:

Toll Free: 1-800-661-0599


Inuvik Region

Ph: 867.777.7103
Fax: 867.777.7321

Sahtu Region

Norman Wells
Ph: 867.587.2900 ext. 226
Fax: 867.587.3538

Dehcho Region

Fort Simpson
Ph: 867.695.7510
Fax: 867.695.7501

North Slave Region

Ph: 867.920.8967
Fax: 867.873.6109

Ph: 867.392.6070
Fax: 867.392.6339

South Slave Region

Fort Smith
Ph: 867.872.6430
Fax: 867.872.4628

Hay River
Ph: 867.875.5550
Fax: 867.875.5551