Fort McPherson Tent and Canvas

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Since 1970, the Fort McPherson Tent and Canvas Shop has designed and manufactured arctic tough tents and teepees. In recent years, the shop has expanded its line of products to include sled wrappers, hockey bags, and other durable canvas products.

The shop’s traditional canvas teepees are of the same style used by generations of Gwich’in hunters, fishers and trappers. They are fire and mildew resistant, built to withstand extreme cold and heat, and work well as either a temporary camp or permanent structure.

In addition to its canvas products, the shop also runs a custom embroidery service and offers bulk pricing on hats, crests, jackets, shirts, sportswear, promotional items and corporate attire embroidered with company logos or other graphics from the shop’s collection.

In 2005, the BDIC assumed ownership of Fort McPherson Tent and Canvas, which is still the community’s largest private employer. Following successful marketing initiatives, the shop now sells products around the world, and its teepees and tents can easily be found in wilderness camps across the north and around the globe.

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