Frequently Asked Questions – Wildfire Assistance and Relief Measures


Which businesses may be eligible for WARM and for how much?
To be eligible for WARM, the applicant must be a business operating in the NWT; the business must be operating in a community that was issued an evacuation order or have operations adversely affected by the evacuation orders in the NWT. Eligible businesses can receive a contribution up to $5,000 if located in an evacuated community and up to $3,500 if located in a non-evacuated community but adversely affected by the evacuations. Non-profit organizations or societies are ineligible. Additional eligibility information is provided in the application.

What are some eligible expenses for WARM funding?
WARM funding may be used to help businesses with existing fixed overhead costs (e.g. rent/lease, utilities, property tax), insurance premiums/deductibles, or professional costs directly related to the evacuations. Professional service costs may involve accessing business insurance, developing business continuity plans, or clean-up and restoration of business operations to pre-evacuation conditions or levels. Only costs incurred from May 2023 onward and specific to the communities’ evacuation order(s) will be considered.

What are some ineligible expenses for WARM funding?
There are some expenses that WARM contribution funding will not cover. Some ineligible expenses include lost revenues due to the wildfires and evacuations, and expenses already incurred prior to the evacuation orders. In addition, WARM funding must be used for events and circumstances related to the NWT communities’ evacuation orders.

What supporting documents are required for WARM funding?
Businesses will need to provide proof of operations in the NWT and the specific community. Also copies of receipts, invoices, quotes or other supporting information will be needed to substantiate costs incurred. Financial statements will not be required unless there are extenuating circumstances and are specifically requested by the BDIC. If approved, the BDIC can reimburse the business for the expenses or can also pay the vendor directly if requested by the client.

Submission of an application and supporting documents does not mean the application is approved. Once the application and supporting information is complete, the BDIC will begin the review process and will communicate status with the applicant.

If I own multiple businesses, can I apply to WARM for more than one business?
If you are a business owner of multiple businesses, you may apply to WARM for each eligible business. The BDIC is committed to working with you to assess the unique needs and circumstances of each business and providing relevant supports.