Aurora College and BDIC sign MOU

Aurora College and the Business Development and Investment Corporation (BDIC) have entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that will pave the way for broader agreements in the future. This MOU will result in the betterment of the Northwest Territories business community.

On July 3, 2009, both the parties signed the MOU that will see the BDIC’s staff assist Aurora College with specialized instruction services in the Business Administration program. In exchange for these services, Aurora College will make available professional development courses and workshops for the BDIC’s staff.

Aurora College President, Maurice Evans, said the agreement will fit well with recent changes made to Aurora College programming. “We have just revised and renewed our Business Administration Program,” noted Mr. Evans. “Having a formalized agreement with the BDIC means we will be able to draw upon their staff to cover specialized courses or modules in the Business Administration program, which has the potential to serve the purposes of business development in the Northwest Territories. This will strengthen and broaden the base of expertise we can bring to our students.”
CEO of the BDIC, Pawan Chugh, is equally pleased with the initiative. “Both the BDIC and Aurora College view this as a win-win opportunity. Our partnership has the ability to offer a unique business perspective, provoke innovative thinking and share insight that is relevant to the success of our businesses and economy. Many of the Business Administration students are the entrepreneurs of tomorrow,” noted Chugh. “The more opportunities the students will have to be exposed to and understand the role of the BDIC, the better it is for everyone.”

While the initial agreement represents a pilot approach with the Yellowknife Campus, both the parties are hopeful that the concept will expand to a territorial-wide collaboration. “This could very well be the first step in a broader framework of partnership opportunities between Aurora College and the BDIC,” noted Mr. Chugh. “Future collaborative efforts may include video conferencing, curriculum development support and mentoring of business students in remote communities.”